When I worshipped at the Judas Priest alter in the 80s, I never made any association that Rob Halford’s leather was symbolic of his sexuality or any BDSM culture. I just knew the band were at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and kicked fuckin’ ass! Decades later, London’s Client are strutting their stuff decked out in leather & fishnets in the video for their latest single “Zerox Machine”. I have to admit, they make my motor run a little more than Rob Halford ever did. I’m not saying this video has inspired me to rush out and buy a pair of chaps or anything…I’m just saying that leather looks better on these birds than it did on Rob (or something).


The Rakes “We Danced Together” will release March 12 in the UK, March 15 in the States. It’s the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album Ten New Messages.

The band will be playing a trio of in stores to celebrate the release of “We Danced Together”. The dates are:

12 – HMV Oxford Circus, London (6pm)
13 – HMV Brighton (5pm)
14 – Virgin Manchester (6pm)

Don’t worry, there’s currently no intentions of turning Rock Sellout into the Arcade Fire blog…I just noticed a lot of traffic from Google searches coming in (from Sean’s Friday post), so I thought I’d give the people what they wanted.

Their first performance was “Intervention”…

Am I the only person who will never tire of instruments being smashed?!

Their second, “Keep The Car Running”…

MP3s of the performances are posted on Sand Is Overrated, click here to grab them before they’re asked to take them down.

Looks like they’ve been mesmorized by her as well
Bubble Girl

Terry Hackbarth and the N. Farwell (Milwaukee) Exclusive Company were kind enough to offer Rock Sellout a few really cool promotional items to offer to our readers.

Nothing in life is ever truly free, so there’s a few hoops I’m going to make you jump through before giving this stuff away. First, I’ll tell you about the three prize packages we’re giving away.

1: The Shins tour poster, sticker and 7″ (“Nothing At All”/”Spilt Needles” (alt. version). Of Montreal Hissing Fauna poster. Bloc Party 7″ (“The Prayer”/”England”). Rock Sellout postcard, stickers and button.

2 & 3: The Shins sticker and 7″ (“Nothing At All”/”Spilt Needles” (alt. version). Of Montreal Hissing Fauna poster. Bloc Party 7″ (“The Prayer”/”England”). Rock Sellout postcard, stickers and button.

Check out the video for Bloc Party’s “The Prayer”:

Giveaway Details (Must have a MySpace account to be eligible):

1. Add The Exclusive Company to your friends list. If you’re not a MySpace friend of Rock Sellout already, add us as well.

2. Once added to The Exclusive Company‘s friends list, you have to leave the following comment: “Rock Sent Me”.

3. To help Rock Sellout become a better website, we’re asking for your input. Email your reply to the two following questions to: (Please include your MySpace username so I can keeps tabs on who’s who)

1. What’s your favorite thing about the website?
2. What could we do to improve it?

The first person to successfullly jump through all hoops wins the first prize, the next two get the 2nd & 3rd prizes. Good Luck.

A friend of mine was recently terrified by a photo I posted of The Knife. You know, the photo with the very phallic looking beak masks? Anyhow, to help her get over her fear of The Knife, I thought I’d post their video of “Heartbeats”. After watching the video, I couldn’t help but wonder if the fear would increase…I tossed in the Jose Gonzalez version of the song so she’d hopefully be able to sleep this week.

The Knife

Jose Gonzalez

Which version do you like better?!

Scotland’s The View are taking the UK by storm. They debuted at #2 on iTunes and are making headlines everywhere after being banned from Travelodge hotels after having some teenage kicks.

Their debut album Hats Off To The Buskers will be released on March 13. If you’d rather not wait that long to hear what all the fuss is about, head over to the lads MySpace site and stream it for a limited time.

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