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Apparently, Kele Okereke just isn’t too fond of anyone really.

Courtesy of the Guardian:
What is a “nasty vortex”? And how does one distinguish it from a pleasant one? These and other questions have been provoked by leading urban thinker Kele Okereke, the Bloc Party frontman, after he decided to have a teensy pop at Vice, his record label in the States and phonic arm of the trendy mag that’s too cool for you.

“That’s one of the things that I most regret about our history,” the singer said in a recent interview. “I wish I’d voiced my concerns at the time, articulated them more clearly.

“The people that we work with are lovely, and they’re a separate company from the magazine, but Vice the brand just fills me with dread, really. It’s a real kind of nasty vortex, where any decency and general compassion to other people has just been completely obliterated.

“I don’t know if the magazine is still like that, but it certainly was very much so back then.”

Kele, if you’re reading this, I can assure you that Vice is still as nasty as ever. Which I know pleases them to no end.,,2027084,00.html


Terry Hackbarth and the N. Farwell (Milwaukee) Exclusive Company were kind enough to offer Rock Sellout a few really cool promotional items to offer to our readers.

Nothing in life is ever truly free, so there’s a few hoops I’m going to make you jump through before giving this stuff away. First, I’ll tell you about the three prize packages we’re giving away.

1: The Shins tour poster, sticker and 7″ (“Nothing At All”/”Spilt Needles” (alt. version). Of Montreal Hissing Fauna poster. Bloc Party 7″ (“The Prayer”/”England”). Rock Sellout postcard, stickers and button.

2 & 3: The Shins sticker and 7″ (“Nothing At All”/”Spilt Needles” (alt. version). Of Montreal Hissing Fauna poster. Bloc Party 7″ (“The Prayer”/”England”). Rock Sellout postcard, stickers and button.

Check out the video for Bloc Party’s “The Prayer”:

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The first person to successfullly jump through all hoops wins the first prize, the next two get the 2nd & 3rd prizes. Good Luck.

Bloc Party’s A Weekend In the City doesn’t come out until February 6 but there’s a fancy little presale up at iTunes. If one were to order the record now, on Feb 6 not only do all the tunes from the record enter your library, but you also get 2 non-album tracks, “Cain Said To Abel” and “Atonement,” the video for “I Still Remember” and a digital booklet with liner notes, exclusive photos and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Bloc Party have announced a few US tour dates. Tickets will be available on their Marshals fan site before the general public can purchase them.

Their new album, A Weekend in the City, will be available Feb. 6. iTunes will be releasing an exclusive EP tomorrow, which will consist of remixed versions of the album’s first single “The Prayer”.

Photo by: Andrew Kendall
March 11: Seattle (Paramount Theatre)
March 12: Vancouver (Orpheum Theatre)
March 13: Portland, Ore. (Crystal Ballroom)
March 15: Austin, Texas (South by Southwest)
March 17: San Francisco (Concourse Exhibition)
March 19-20: Los Angeles (Wiltern Theatre)
March 23: Chicago (Congress Theatre)
March 24: Detroit (Royal Oak Theatre)
March 25: Toronto (Kool Haus)
March 27: Montreal (Metropolis)
March 28: Boston (Orpheum Theatre)
March 30-31: New York (United Palace Theatre)

On February 6, A Weekend In the City will be in stores. If you’re one of the first 1000 people to PRE-ORDER the album from Insound you’ll receive a limited edition Bloc Party 7-inch featuring “I Still Remember” and the exclusive b-side “We Were Lovers.”

Stream: “The Prayer”
Kele talks about the “The Prayer”.