Touch and Go

Ted Leo’s first Touch and Go release Living with the Living is slated for a March 20th release.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists met up with Brendan Canty (Fugazi) at Long View Farms to iron out a new set of anthems that arrive with a confident and outspoken immediacy. With Living with the Living, Ted & Co. wipe clean the slate that once held names like Weller, Strummer and Bragg and indulge some of their farthest-reaching musical ambitions.

Download: The Sons Of Cain


Living With the Living (slated for a March 20 release) is the first Ted Leo and the Pharmacists album for new label Touch & Go. The opus was produced by Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty at Longview Farms Studios.

After touring relentlessly the past two years, Leo is looking forward to relaxing a little before touring starts up again near the new album’s release. The Pharmacists will head to Europe for a few late summer festivals, with shows already on tap through spring 2008.

Here is the track list for Living With the Living:

“Fourth World War”
“The Sons of Cain”
“Army Bound”
“Who Do You Love?”
“A Bottle of Buckie”
“La Costa Brava’
“Annunciation Day/Born on Christmas Day”
“The Unwanted Things”
“The Lost Brigade”
“The World Stops Turning”
“Some Beginner’s Mind”
“The Toro and the Toreador”