Amongst canadian Indie labels heading south in a few days is Transistor 66 Record Co. These guys are from my local town of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and consist of the province’s top alt and rock acts.

Before they head out in a few days with the Manitoban contingent, I had a talk with Mike, the Hot Live Guys drummer who is both excited and anxious to scorch his lungs to american cigarettes and enjoy some light american beers on his first time in Texas.

Name any musical influence(s)?
Sir Lord Baltimore, Nazareth, Andrew W.K., Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Prince

What new music are you currently listening to?
This is me speaking for myself and some of these albums may not be that new: Dragonforce – “Inhuman Rampage”, Electro Quarterstaff – “Gretzky”, Landshark (Of the Forest)- “Booze Your Delusions Vol. 1 and 2”, Covert – “S/T”

Name a band (current or defunct) that would be your dream act to open for on a major tour? Van Halen.

Where and when was, according to you, the best show you ever played?
Hmmmm…….there’s two that really stand out but only because of my habit of embarrassing myself…Juno-Fest 2005…Packed show at the Albert….On-Stage Carnage-Both musically and physically (I ended up getting 30 stitches in my back due to an errant back-flip…..Also, Western Canadian Music Awards Showcase 2006…..Got us a couple of industry contacts (Notibly Brent from SXSW)….every act on our record label played that night so it was like a family reunion….Ended up naked in a tub of ice at the end of the evening (Like a family reunion)

Who, if anyone, would you like to collaborate with?
We’re not really a band that collaborates well with others. We were absent on that day in Kindergarten when they taught you how to share.

Tell us something about your band and its members and how you were all brought together to create this band.
This question makes me want to submit an artistically worded response but instead will submit “Mike’s 10-Step Guide to Forming a Band”-

1: Take 1 shitty ska-funk band and a drummer from a punk band
2: Ska-Funk band loses horns, decides to start playing REALLY riffy garage rock, Drummer leaves punk band
3: Drummer from punk band starts going to shows after a 3 year hiatus and notices that shitty ska-funk band is still around
4: Former Drummer for punk band goes to formerly ska-funk band’s show, decides they’re not as bad as they used to be
5: Former Drummer for punk band joins NOW garage rock band as roadie, tries to convince them to kick out drummer
6: Former Drummer for punk band embarrasses garage-rock band on tour by being a wee bit of a drunk
7: Former Drummer for punk band becomes drummer for garage rock band after drummer he tried to get kicked out quits
8: Transistor 66 Records signs garage-rock band after TERRIBLE performance for Hank Fest
9: Garage Rock Band and Record Label officially become “Blood Brothers” by way of a CD titled “Robbin A Bank”
10: World Conquest and Languishing Devotees follow

What’s next for Hot Live Guys?
SXSW, Touring with C’mon and Pride Tiger this summer, We’ve got a 7” project we’ve been working on for sometime, and hopefully we’ll finally go to Iceland and Julian can give the Prime Minister his guitar and I can meet Bjork

Band Site
Transistor 66 Record Co.


Secretly Canadian will descend on Austin next week, to participate in the monumental sonic jubilee that is South By Southwest. SC is hosting a split showcase with sister labels Jagjaguwar and Dead Oceans on the evening of Thursday, March 15 at Mohawk:.

For more SC action, you can check out their bands at these additional performances:

David Vandervelde:
– Wed. 3/14 – Fader/Levi’s party – The Fort – 204 E. 4th St. – 5:15pm
– Thu. 3/15 – Schuba’s party – Yard Dog Folk Art Gallery – 1510 S. Congress 2:25pm
– Fri. 3/16 – “Mess With Texas” party – Red Seven (611 E. 7th St) – 3pm
– Sat. 3/17 – Shoutitoutloud music party – The Whiskey Bar (303 W. 5th St.) – 4pm

Richard Swift:
– SCD day party – Carousel Lounge (1110 E. 52nd St.) – 2:20pm

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness:
– Friday 3/16 – Under The Radar Party – The Belmont – 5:30pm

Catfish Haven:
– Wed. 3/14 – Metro Anniv. Party – Emo’s main room – 4:20pm
– Thu. 3/15 – Rainbow by Rainbow West – Chain Drive (504 Willow St. – just south of 1st and Red River, on Town Lake) – 1:30pm
– Fri. 3/16 – Hot Freaks! Day party – Mohawk outside – 12pm

A few downloads from the Jagjaguwar bands:
The Besnard Lakes – “And You Lied To Me”, Okkervil River – “The President’s Dead” & “Black”, Ladyhawk – “War” & “Dugout”

Three Imaginary Girls is pleased as punch to announce their first-ever showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas, with co-sponsors Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP 91.7FM.

WHAT: SXSW 2007 Indie-pop Hootenanny. Co-sponsored by Three Imaginary Girls, Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP
WHERE: Lovejoy’s. 604 Neches St Austin, TX 78701
WHEN: Thursday, March 15, 2007 from 12-6p. 21+.
COST: Free. Free beer too, while supplies last.

12p: The Zebras (Brisbane, Australia)
Blending Teenage Fanclub soft guitar jangles and Go Betweens modesty, The Zebras make their Aussie brethren proud with sunny harmonies and sweet vocals for the simple pop purist in each of us.
Download: “Science Competition”

1p: The Manhattan Love Suicides (Leeds, UK)
This Leeds foursome’s fuzzed-out dream-pop recalls not only JAMC, but also the willowy female vocals of C86 alumni, the Shop Assistants.
Download: “Suzy Jones”

2p: BOAT (Seattle, WA)
Seattle’s lo-fi troubadours celebrate their DIY ethic with smart, catchy songs and –- if we’re lucky -– toy instrument play-alongs.
Download:“The Bar Is Too Low To Fail”

3p: Tullycraft (Seattle, WA)
Tullycraft has secured a firm place in the hearts of indie-popsters everywhere with their delectable pop songs of awkward emotion and clever adorability. The band is in the midst of recording their new album so the usual critically acclaimed “Twee as Fuck” shtick will be peppered with brand new hook-laden songs (due for mid-2007 release).
Downloads: click

4p: The Faintest Ideas (Gothenburg, Sweden)
The Faintest Ideas’ album whizzes by in less than 30 minutes, all crashing guitars and knocked-over drums, like Swedes doing their best impression of Wedding Present and Boyracer.
Download: “Nosebleede”

5p: Palomar (Brooklyn, NY)
Palomar is a three-lady and one man outfit that hails from Brooklyn. They are part Fastbacks, part Talulah Gosh, and will charm you with girl-next-door coyness.
Download: “Our Haunt”

SXSW 2007 is less than a week away. I put together an assortment of goodies this morning that will keep your ears happy until the festival begins.

The SXSW Player v.07 allows you to stream the music of this year’s Showcasing Bands. If you hear something you really enjoy, Hear Ya has compiled a nice alphabetical listing of the mp3s by band name. Click here to find the song you like and download it.

Don’t have the patience for that nonsense? Here’s a Torrent from the SXSW site: The Motherload – 739 MP3s[3.1G]

Fanatic Promotion presents: 03/17 5:30 @ The Lucky Lounge
The Safes“Fairytale Tomorrow”

…in spirit, yes.

I was delighted when our friend Josh from Fanatic Promotion asked if we’d be interested in sponsoring their “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: Ten Bands In Five Hours! ” Showcase at this year’s SXSW. Click here to view the showcase e-card.

03/17/07 @ The Lucky Lounge (209A W. 5th St.)
2:00 Chris Bathgate
2:30 Barzin
3:00 Ruby Isle
3:30 Thomas Lunch
4:00 Pete & The Pirates
4:30 Buildings Breeding
5:00 Sholi
5:30 The Safes
6:00 Morning State
6:30 Metermaids

03/17/07 @ Elysium (705 Red River Street)
8:00 Pink Nasty
9:00 The Berg Sans Nipple
10:00 “The House Of Apples & Eyeballs” (Octopus Project & Black Moth Super Rainbow)
11:00 Bang Gang
1:00 Girl Talk