The first time I ever heard mention of Shy Child someone said they were the Next Big Thing™. Of course, this was the summer of 2002 a.k.a ‘House of Jealous Lovers’ dancefloor madness extravaganza, so it seemed pretty plausible. It never seemed to happen, but since then, I’ve heard the Next Big Thing™ rumors every time the band has a new release. The latest resurgence of the NBT moniker came up when several singles from their 2004 release ‘One With The Sun’ were re-released on Paul Epworth‘s Good And Evil label in the UK (with additional tinkering from both Epworth & partner-in-crime Ewan Pearson). Excellent singles they were, they still didn’t seem to deliver on the NBT promise.
Well, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring and say Shy Child are finally going to achieve that ever-elusive title in 2007. The New York duo are dropping a new album this year with production from Paul Epworth – fresh off adding his glossy sheen to the new Rapture album – and with a brand new record label in Wall of Sound. The first single, ‘Drop the Phone’, is a full-on dancefloor freakout that’s likely to ignite the fire under more than one pair of Converse.
So here I am, crossing my fingers they finally get the attention they deserve. You can decide for yourself below.

Drop the Phone

From the One With The Sun LP (courtesy of Say Hey Records)
Break Yr Neck