A brief bio of your label: Who started it? When? First band signed and/or first release?
Novoton was started 2004 by Daggan. The first band signed was Novak (now Antennas) and the first release was their single “It all works out in the end”. But I have been running various labels since 1998 (Frequent Frenzy, Beverage and Origin).

Where does your label call home? Describe your headquarters.
Visby and Stockholm (Sweden). Our headquarters looks a lot like my laptop where all concerning Novoton is stored.

Your name? What are your primary duties for the label?
Daggan, A&R and owner. I do everything needed to make the label move forward, or in any direction at all.

Who are a few of the bands on your roster? Most recent signee.
Antennas, Black Belt, Existensminimum, Pascal

The last band in is Pascal.

What is the best method for an unsigned band to capture your attention?
Make original and cool music. Be a great live band if they play live.

Any upcoming release(s) you’d like to plug?
Black Belt’s upcoming, second, album “Two Minutes To Midnight” is awesome.
If you dig big fuzzy guitars, fat ass bass, rolling drums, dirty denim,
sweet soul and tons of swagger you really must check it out.

We have also started recording the Pascal’s next album and it is going be
absolutely fabulous.

Download: Antennas – Adapt!, Black Belt – Road Crew, Existensminimum – One Day, Pascal – Jonnie