Noise Factory Records [ Release Date: 10|23|2006 ]

It’s fitting that the album begins with the song that sunk its hooks deep into my soul, and drew me into its cute, little world, is the leadoff track for the album. Hit ‘em where it feels right, I always say… Okay, I don’t always say that, in fact I just did now, for the first time… but you get the picture.

My first experience with minisystem was when it was the NMC Track of the Day back in October this year on CBC Radio 3. One of the on-air personalities, Lauren Burrows, pimped the aforementioned madingly while admitting to maybe being on the wrong side of the technology arc. I could identify with state of mind to some extent, and whole heartedly aligned myself to the idea she proposed, that this was good music to sit down and listen too, when trying to get caught back up with the machines. And that’s what it is. A perfect, little, saccharin-sweet soundtrack to take you back to a place where you’re riding the crest of the techno-wave. Only with this music you don’t care what the wave is or how well you know it, you just know you are in–it.

Minisystem is one person. Jeff Lee. He lives in Toronto. He’s lived in England. And he’s an obsessive collector of vintage music equipment. And he makes shiny, synth pop. That’s all you need to know about him.

My wife doesn’t like the electronic music I tend to accumulate in my repertoire. And yet when this album arrived, I sat her down and played it, and she admitted, she didn’t hate it. While that doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement to anyone but to me, it speaks volumes about what Jeff Lee has created here. It’s hard to nail down to just one component, because it feels like a sum of the whole vs. the sum of the parts. And without words, the songs are left to fend for themselves. Don’t worry, they do just fine.

There are components to me that feel like The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly” (The American Beauty Song for those MySpace aged kiddies out there), and parts that feel like the backdrop to playing Keith Courage on TurboGrafx. And it’s all melded together wonderificly. Highlights for me are: madingly, what about me, cheddar and rockmosa. But the album is best summed on one track: you’re cute. It embodies all that I love about this thing he’s doing. Minisystem may be one person, but the implications of listening to the album are a plenty. But, don’t take my word for it – check it out yourself.

and one last thing…
minisystem has brought back the no caps look.
can I get a i get a heck yah?