Ladies and gentlemen, meet Pop Levi. If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, watch out, cause he’s coming to get you.

Here is an exerpt from a bio:

“The average musician who sits down and decides to write a song,” says Pop Levi, with absolute certainty, “gets out their guitar, and then goes into a studio to record it, well, there’s something dead about all that. It’s why music is the state it’s in. And everyone knows it.” He pauses to let his message sink in. “But there’s another way of looking at that. You study what you’re doing to the point of obsession, cutting and pasting ideas, and reducing things to mathematics, stealing magick from Marvin Gaye as well as Michael Jackson. There is magick afoot. Someone like Little Richard dressed in mirrors and sequins on stage – that definitely involves magick. Hendrix was heavy into magick, The Beatles, Dylan, Syd Barrett. I’ve always been into these ways, you know.”

As you can see, Pop’s view on music is somewhat based on the esoteric philosophies of the likes of Alleister Crowley, who’s influence in music is often undermined, but that’s a story for another day. Pop Levi makes music like nothing I’ve heard before and he kindly replied to the interview earlier today:

If you were making a mix for our readers, what would be the first three songs you’d select?
1/ Bo Diddley – Doing The Crawdaddy
2/ Moondog – Viking 1
3/ Pop Levi – Skip Ghetto [Hollywood Version]

Name any musical influence(s)?
Delia Derbyshire taught me everything I know.

Where does your artist/band name originate from?
Pop Levi is my real name. First name is Robert, middle name is Pop, after the 19th Enochian Aethyr, and last name is Levi, from a long line of Lithuanian Jews. The band I play with are called ‘Woman’.

What new music are you currently listening to?
I’m listening to Biltone – check him out on MySpace. Crucial sonics.

Name a band (current or defunct) that would be your dream act to open for on a major tour? Kurt Weill’s original cast of ‘Die Dreigroschenoper’ from Berlin, 1930 – now that was an astral show!

Who, if anyone, would you like to collaborate with?
I want to produce the next Bob Dylan record in a cave in Lanzarote.

Tell us something about you that we can’t find on Google.
I always touch things seven times before I can feel safe around them.

Pop Levi is currently in the middle of a north american tour including dates at Austin’s SXSW and Coachella:
Thu 3/1/07 Portland, OR Lola’s Crystal Ballroom
Sat 3/3/07 Vancouver, BC Pat’s Pub
Sun 3/4/07 Victoria, BC Lucky Bar
Tue 3/6/07 Chicago, IL Schuba’s
Wed 3/7/07 London, ON Call the Office
Fri 3/9/07 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace ^
Sat 3/10/07 Montreal, QC Cabaret Music Hall
Sun 3/11/07 Allston, MA Great Scott
Tue 3/13/07 New York, NY Mercury Lounge
Thu 3/15/07 Austin, TX The Ale House $
Sat 4/28/07 Indio, CA Coachella Music Festival
^ Part of Rogers Wireless Canadian Music Week 2007
$ SXSW – Billions showcase

Check him and his band out if you can!

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