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In a world of revolving trends, many musicians find themselves not able to keep up with what is hot on today’s music scene. Country songs cross over onto pop charts. Country songs become dance mixes. Hard rockers belt out a ballad now and then. Some acts find themselves on the receiving end of a sellout choke hold, until either giving in or giving up. Being rich and famous, as it’s been said, is not as glamorous as it seems. But in today’s Britney Spears-afide world of music, where the word “influences” often means nothing, bucking any system could cost an artist his or her career.

Punk unit, Burntside, doesn’t seem to care about trends. Members of the band are not shy about what they are into. With a new CD and some fresh dates, they’ve been busy doing what many before them have done: basking in the simple, yet complicated and misunderstood, world of punk.

Recorded in Rockford, the self-titled debut has plenty to offer. A four-song demo, the disc will surely whet any punk appetite. True to the genre, the first cut, “Bad Decisions,” is a strong example of why punk music has had so much staying power. Like the Ramones and Misfits, Burntside does not pride itself on drawn-out guitar solos that get so technical they scare off most listeners. The proof of punk’s power lies in the lyrics and the melodies, created nicely by this band.

Lyrically, Burntside captures the in-your-face, blue-collar world of fun, frustration and angst, without deep philosophical rock ‘n’ roll excursions. After all, this is punk, and Burntside does it well, proving it as Shawn Scarpetta belts out “I make bad decisions all the time. …” The band also pays homage to Glen Danzig and Misfits with a medley of “Martian” and “Vampira,” blending the two tunes into one song.

A true-to-form performer, Scarpetta delivers pure punk ranges, staying as far away from high notes as he needs to, driving home classic, monotone verses. The band’s only guitar player, the 34-year-old keeps it simple, yet powerful, showing off his true musicianship only when needed.

Bassist Rob Jackson and drummer Dan Marinelli make up the rhythm section battery that keeps up with Scarpetta nicely, locking in all three instruments into the driving melodies. Both Jackson and Marinelli don’t get tremendously fancy; however, the holes left at times by only one guitar are filled in well.

Although this disc hardly lacks quality, it is stripped down and raw, without juvenile lyrics, pubescent overtones and melodramatic theatrics, which may prompt fans of Blink 182, +44 or Green Day to pass. It’s pure punk—the way it was originated. The New York Dolls, Ramones, Misfits and Velvet Underground would be proud of this effort.


Drawing comparisons to Pulp, The Wedding Present & Blink 182 – all of which I find rather baffling, mind you – The Winterkids seem poised to be the next buzz band of the moment. A 5-piece of teen/twenty-somethings hailing from the countryside village of Peaslake, the Kids are releasing their first full-length, Memoirs, on April 9th through Rough Trade & Banquet Records.

Preceeding the release, the Winterkids are making a few stops in New York before playing an impossible number of shows at SXSW.

The Winterkids – Tape It
The Winterkids – All The Money

Also available is the video for the first single, ‘Tape It’ in which you can see lead singer James Snider looks roughly 12 years old. I guess the Kids part of their name is quite literal.

US Tourdates:
03-11 New York, NY Smash It Up Sundays @ Niagara
03-13 New York, NY Live From London @ Mercury Lounge
03-14 Austin, TX – SXSW Levis / Fader Party @ The Fort
03-15 Austin, TX – SXSW The Blind Pig
03-16 Austin, TX – SXSW Austin Convention Center
03-16 Austin, TX – SXSW Pangea Party @ Barcelona
03-16 Ausitn, TX – SXSW Official SXSW Showcase @ Whisky Bar
03-17 Austin, TX – SXSW The Musebox party @ Habana Annex

Courtesy of Belle and Sebastian dot com:
“Songs For The Young At Heart” is an enchanting side project brought to you by Dave Boulter and Stuart Staples of The Tindersticks. Inspired by memories from their childhood of music from the radio, school room and television, “Songs For The Young At Heart” features the sunny, simple, dark and sad songs from the halcyon days of school holidays and endless summer afternoons. Hand picking a selection of guest vocalists and story tellers, the album includes “Florence’s Sad Song” sung by Belle and Sebastian’s own Stuart Murdoch.

“Songs For The Young At Heart” comes in a limited edition run packaged in hard paged children’s book featuring the tale of “The Lion and Albert” wth illustrations by cult artist Sexton Ming.


1. Theme for the Young At Heart (Stuart Staples)
2. Uncle Sigmund’s Clockwork Storybook (Robert Forster)
3. Florence’s Sad Song (Stuart Murdoch)
4. White Horses (Cerys Matthews)
5. The Lion and Albert (Jarvis Cocker)
6. Robinson Crusoe (The Tindersticks)
7. Hushabye Mountain (Stuart Staples)
8. Morningtown Ride (Suzanne Osbourne)
9. Inch Worm (Kurt Wagner)
10. Mary, Mungo & Midge (The Tindersticks)
11. The Three Sneezes (Martin Wallace)
12. Puff, The Magic Dragon (Bonnie ‘Prince’ billy and Red)
13. Hey, Don’t You Cry (Stuart Staples)

The album was released on V2 / Lucky Dog in the UK, no word on a US release just yet.

I recently spent a year in Geelong Australia. While over there I was exposed to a lot of awesome Australian music some which you’d have had to had your head stuck in the sand to have missed it (think Wolfmother) but the majority of it isn’t known outside of Australia.

I thought I’d share some of the best with the readers of RockSellout. I’ll do it over several posts with each one focusing on a different artist.

Xavier Rudd

Xavier’s originally from Torquay, the world’s surfing headquarters and a mere 20 minutes drive from Geelong. He currently maintains residency in Canada (BC) and Australia, flipping back and forth between the two countries. In the folk tradition his lyrics explore spirituality, humanity, and stories from his homeland including the mistreatment of Aboriginal peoples. Despite the heavy subject matter of some songs, they also manage to celebrate life, leaving you elated.

Xavier’s a multi-instrumentalist and master of dynamics incorporating guitars, shakers, digeridoos, Weissenborn slide guitars, Tongue drums (I don’t even know what those are), stomp boxes, djembes, harmonica, ankle bells, and slide banjo. All of these instruments are played by Rudd, often more than one of them at the same time. In live shows he plays the didgeridoo at the same time as riffing along on his guitar. It’s absolutely fabulous.

If you don’t know what a didgeridoo sounds like, especially one so phenomenally played, Xavier’s the dood to check out. I’m currently spinning 2005’s To Let which includes the ultra cute Light the Shade, the djembe and didgeridoo groove Timber and Wood, and a wicked cover of The Wind Cries Mary. Xavier’s an artist not to be missed, whether in recorded or, even better, live format.

Website: Tour info & whatnot!
MySpace: Check out the track Let Me Be which features a soaring didgeridoo intro.

Here’s what she had to say last week on her Myspace:

LET IT DIE” is PLATINUM in CANADA!…..just in time to announce Feist’s new album THE REMINDER due May 1st in the USA and Canada and April 23rd worldwide.

A series of dates were recently announced in the following cities (copied straight from Myspace):

Apr 16 2007
Komedia Brighton, Southwest
Apr 17 2007
Shepherd’s Bush Empire London, London and South East
Apr 19 2007
Printemps de Bourges Festival Bourges
Apr 23 2007
Hebbel Am Ufer Berlin, Berlin
Apr 26 2007
Le Grand Rex Paris
May 15 2007
Royal Theatre Victoria, British Columbia
May 16 2007
Orpheum Theatre Vancouver, British Columbia
May 18 2007
Winspear Edmonton, Alberta
May 19 2007
Jubilee Calgary, Alberta
May 22 2007
Conexus Arts Center Regina, Saskatchewan
May 23 2007
Burton Cummings Theatre Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 26 2007
Massey Hall Toronto, Ontario
May 31 2007
Bronson Centre Ottawa, Ontario
Jun 1 2007
Olympia Theatre Montreal, Quebec
Jun 2 2007
Imperial Theatre Quebec City, Quebec
Jun 16 2007
Bonnaroo ’07 Manchester, Tennessee

A track from the new ablum can be found on her myspace and via FLUXBLOG >> here.
The track is called My Moon, My Man.