The Hourly Radio hail from Dallas, Texas. Their sound suggests otherwise. Named after the upper caste newssheet from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, even their name suggests they’ve spent time on the streets of London.

Founding members guitarist Ryan Short and vocalist/guitarist Aaron Closson have carefully selected the path they travel. Joined by bassist Tim Jansen and drummer Adam Vanderkolk, the foursome pen songs with a less is more mentality. Aaron confesses,’I’m a reluctant guitarist, as every guitarist should be. I play what is required. Any more would be distasteful.’

Their Kirtland Records debut, History Will Never Hold Me, hits store shelves September 5. It sounds like a cornucopia of the best British bands their album collection has to offer. The Smiths, Joy Division, The Verve…it’s all in one tightly wrapped package. The wonderful thing is that they somehow manage to sound completely different and vaguely familiar at the same time. The end results was one of the catchiest albums of last summer.

While I doubt that History Will Never Hold Me will end up on many year-end best albums lists, it’s not hard to envision it breaking the airwaves. There are so many radio ready songs on this opus it would be difficult to pick a first single. Perhaps that’s why the band chose to release the 7” vinyle double A-side “Deaf Ears”/”Crime Does Pay”? Perhaps.

– Kip Gasparick