Interscope Records

Good news, America!

Girl trio The Pipettes have scored a deal with Interscope Records/Cherrytree to release their debut album Stateside this year.

Originally released in the U.K. back in July, 2006, We Are The Pipettes will hit U.S. market this summer.

Americans will however be able to get a taste before then, as the band are set to open for Amy Winehouse at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on March 13. After that they are due to perform March 14-18 at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival, as well as with an upcoming gig in Los Angeles.


UK invasion band with a “The” name

I don’t fully understand the “the“ trend with band names but considering I had to look up what a Fratelli might possibly be, maybe its worthy of a THE. (Fratelli in Italian means brothers, and while their press says members include Barry, Mince, and Jon Fritelli, bassist Barry Fratelli is the only true Fratelli and other members just adopted the name).

The Fratellis won the British Breakthrough Act at the Brit Awards on Valentine’s Day just last week. You might recognize their single “Flathead” which was featured in the most recent installment of Itunes/Ipod commercials and “Chelsea Dagger” may have had you dancing during Safeway’s commercial Super Bowl Sunday. Playing up their endorsement deal, they put out an ep recorded at a London Apple store performance.

Picture The Libertines as a marching band freakin’ out, pumping trombones as they saunter down main street. “Henrietta” is sung on the down beat equally upbeat as an ipod commercial should be, the kind you can’t help but doing a lil foot shake in your office chair. While at times the production on Costello Music is a bit grating on the ears, “Whistle for the Choir”, simple and crisp, is the love song I want written for and sung to me.

The album is Happy Birthday! upbeat without feeling like a sugar-coated pill. OH and there’s a triangle! Y’know you haven’t heard that since choir practice. Costello Music will make you want to sing along in an Art Brut sort-of way.

“I love the way you city girls dress even though your head’s in a mess” These boys have just enough of a faux twang to be endearing, especially when that endearment includes melodic Whistling. Seuss-like rhythms incorporate narrative fast word play about the UK and accompany predictable song structures, making the barely 3 minutes songs redundant at times. “Shite bar”, “petrol”…oh those silly Brits.

“She getting the pills when
I was into her best friend
She was chasing the thrills
And living down at the West End
she was pretty in braces
I lived out of her window
She said take me to London
Tell me something I don’t know”

“And oh you know we country boys are only after sex and noise” shows a confessional-like honesty.

Incorporating the special qualities of spontaneity that I love about the band Anathallo, The Fratellis pull it off while still achieving that familiar pop melody. Pop and goold ol’ pub banter. Definately sounds as if they were raised around some cheesey country dancing bars probably attending a square dance from time to time.
The name for the album comes from the name of the studio where they used to play, which is situated in Budhill, Glasgow above a Chinese takeaway. This would explain why the album has a mid-quality studio sound, but maybe it’s a manufactured mid-range quality sound. Classic pop album starts strong, peters down and ends finely tuned enough to make you smirk with a hidden glee.

Costello Music is loveable for the same reason I loved Eve 6 when “Heart in a Blender” came out.

The “Flathead” video brings their album art ladies to life (available at Red ties, black button up shirts, built in sing along lyrics, awkwardly dancing mockingly sexy mistresses kicking their legs in syncopated time.

“Chelsea Dagger” shot in burlesque show setting, but its the boys playing up to the camera rather than the scantily clad girls. Chorus line finale with leg kicks, but of course.

Also this jumsptyle mock-up video of the song with some Europeans doing funny dances around town is highly entertaining

Costello Music will be released in the U.S. on March 13th via Interscope Records

From Filter Magazine: The Fratellis have confirmed a handful of shows to coincide with the release of their debut album. Costello Music will be released in the U.S. on March 13th via Interscope Records. The band’s first US release, the Flathead EP, was initially released through iTunes and is now out on CD in the U.S. The track can also currently be heard in iTunes advertisements on TV.

The band released their debut album in the UK in September 2006 and saw it hit the #2 spot on the charts and stay there for two weeks. The band is now nominated for British Breakthrough Act at the BRIT Awards, which will take place in London on February 14th.

Tour Dates:
03/19 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour
03/22 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge