If you were making a mix for our readers, what would be the first three songs you’d select?

The first song i always select for a mix tape is ‘wonderful excuse’ by the family cat it begins amazingly and the first line is the revouloution starts tommorrow sometime in the afternoon,perfect. after that i can never decide what order the rest should be in so it never gets finished as i tape jonathon richman over the mountain goats over jeffery lewis again and again and again

What do you consider the most essential album in your collection?

I dont belive in essential albums im very fond of back in denim by denim though,it shares the same sentiment.

Using lyrics from a song or two, what are some words you live by?

The song life by jeffery lewis is full of good advice ‘life is a story dont you doubt, bad times give you something to talk about ‘ ,’friends are just people you can talk with, you talk about that you talk about this…..forever is a myth, lots are gonna leave but only a few your gonna miss’ when ever im down this song cheers me up, ‘things that
happened yesterday only happened in your mind’ from fill your heart by david bowie is good for that too.

You pick…perfect first date album or song to fall in love to?

I dont know about this, my favourite love song is always by half japenese, i think the last time i fell in love it was too so lonely by akorn

What new music are you currently listening to?

The research, the indelicates, new mountain goats album, new junior senior album