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Townes Van Zandt should be a household name. If I have anything to say about it, one day it will. I stumbled upon the world of Townes after he has passed on. It might be a little hard to swallow, but there really isn’t a doubt in my mind that if I had the oppurtunity to see one of the two shows I’ll never get to see (Nirvana or Townes Vandt), the choice wouldn’t require a lot of thought. Townes, hands down.

If you’re unfamiliar with Townes, I strongly suggest checking out Margaret Brown’s documentary Be Here To Love Me. It’s an incredibly enjoyable view.

From Billboard.com: Fat Possum will re-release a number of Townes Van Zandt albums on May 1. The reissues include the late singer/songwriter’s first four albums, plus 2001’s duets collection “Texas Rain” and 1978’s “Flyin’ Shoes.” The former features guest appearances from artists like Willie Nelson, the late Freddy Fender and Emmylou Harris.

“For the Sake of the Song” (1968), “Our Mother the Moutain” (1969), “Townes Van Zandt” (1970) and “Delta Momma Blues” (1971), plus the other two releases, were originally issued by Tomato Records but are long out of print.

Van Zandt died on New Year’s Day 1997 at the age of 62.

Download. Listen!: For The Sake Of The Song, Waitin’ Round To Die


Via Pitchfork Media: By this time, you’re probably aware that J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph are back in full Dinosaur Jr. force. (When Lou isn’t too busy with that whole Sebadoh thing, that is.) But they’ve gone beyond the reunion tour(s) for, um, Beyond, their John Agnello-engineered full-length due out May 1 on Fat Possum.

Beyond was recorded at Mascis’ Bisquiteen studio in Amherst, Massachusetts, and according to a press release, it’s both “some of the best music Dinosaur Jr. have ever made” and “an adrenaline-inducing ride, not of nostalgia, but of bona fide excitement.” Well then, color us excited and full of adrenaline.

On May 29, Dinosaur Jr. will release their previously reported Image Entertainment DVD Dinosaur Jr.: Live From the Middle East. Nike will make the previously reported Dinosaur Jr. skate shoe available in a limited edition in February. So hurry up and get in line, because we know demand for those kicks will be high. Right.

Beyond tracklist:
01 Almost Ready
02 Crumble
03 Pick Me Up
04 Back to Your Heart
05 This Is All I Came to Do
06 Been There All the Time
07 It’s Me
08 We’re Not Alone
09 I Got Lost
10 Lightning Bulb
11 What If I Knew…