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Cassadaga, the new full-length from Bright Eyes, will be released on April 10. Pre-orders are now being taken in the Saddle Creek online store. For a limited time, pre-orders will include a special 3″ CD (for CD pre-orders) or 7″ (for LP pre-orders) with a non-album track! And if that’s not enough, pre-orders will ship from here on March 27, two weeks before the release date!

In stores now is first single from the album, Four Winds CD/12″. The single includes “Four Winds” (watch video above) plus 5 exclusive b-sides and is now shipping from the online store. Also out now is a new video for “Four Winds.” Check it out on the Cassadaga site at Saddle Creek or a video outlet near you.

Download: Bright Eyes – “No One Would Riot For Less

Here are a few downloads to sample from the Fanatic Promotion line-up:
The Sammies: “Falling Out“, “Caretaker
Ruby Isle: “Atom Bomb“, “Into The Black
Cassette: “Ladybug“, “Shaved


SXSW 2007 is less than a week away. I put together an assortment of goodies this morning that will keep your ears happy until the festival begins.

The SXSW Player v.07 allows you to stream the music of this year’s Showcasing Bands. If you hear something you really enjoy, Hear Ya has compiled a nice alphabetical listing of the mp3s by band name. Click here to find the song you like and download it.

Don’t have the patience for that nonsense? Here’s a Torrent from the SXSW site: The Motherload – 739 MP3s[3.1G]

Fanatic Promotion presents: 03/17 5:30 @ The Lucky Lounge
The Safes“Fairytale Tomorrow”

…in spirit, yes.

I was delighted when our friend Josh from Fanatic Promotion asked if we’d be interested in sponsoring their “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done: Ten Bands In Five Hours! ” Showcase at this year’s SXSW. Click here to view the showcase e-card.

03/17/07 @ The Lucky Lounge (209A W. 5th St.)
2:00 Chris Bathgate
2:30 Barzin
3:00 Ruby Isle
3:30 Thomas Lunch
4:00 Pete & The Pirates
4:30 Buildings Breeding
5:00 Sholi
5:30 The Safes
6:00 Morning State
6:30 Metermaids

03/17/07 @ Elysium (705 Red River Street)
8:00 Pink Nasty
9:00 The Berg Sans Nipple
10:00 “The House Of Apples & Eyeballs” (Octopus Project & Black Moth Super Rainbow)
11:00 Bang Gang
1:00 Girl Talk

Well folks, it looks like CBC Radio 3 has a new fan! I’d like to take a brief second to announce the arrival of Emelia Lorraine Teeter…the little bundle of joy is John and his lovely wife D’s first!

I would’ve shared a photo, but I think that’s the Father’s department (hint, hint).

Our friends at Fanatic Promotion had an introduction of their own today…The Makes Nice.

Following his exit from Bay Area rock heavyweights The Fucking Champs and Drunk Horse, Josh Smith (guitar, vocals) set out to strip things down in search of the perfect synthesis of pop melody and rock muscle. Enter Aaron Burnham (bass, vocals) and Jack Matthews (drums). What was originally intended as an instrumental R & B outfit evolved into a refurbished vintage project. Drawing from freakbeat influences (i.e. The Creation, Small Faces, et al.), The Makes Nice brings Smith’s impeccable musicianship and traditional power trio rollicking to catchy, sing-along pure pop. Where many vintage-based acts leave listeners nostalgic for the old days, The Makes Nice draws from old styles with an entirely new angle. For its first release, the band called on Phil Manley, best known for his stellar guitar playing with Trans Am, to lend his engineering prowess.

Download: The Makes Nice – Candy Wrapper

If you like their sound, you can stream their entire album by clicking here.

The hype machine has slowly started to generate a decent amount of noise about Buildings Breeding. Their new album comes out on Tuesday, but why wait until then to listen? Click here to stream it in its entirety.

If you were making a mix for our readers, what would be the first three songs you’d select?
cl:of our songs? stacking up reasons, emmawood and beesting. these songs really show ourselves at our most vulnerable. inside these lines decode who we are.

other peoples songs: i’m really in to alot of pedro the lion right now i would pick the song “rapture” such a fluid song. rocks my socks off. also band of horses just about any song from their album but my favorite would have to be “first song” it makes me want to re-discover my childhood to teen angst experiences, such a fresh but so familiar sound. last… lets see… elliott smith “twilight” this song to me is the absolute example of a pefect song.. so beautiful. i once had the pleasure of talking with elliott, he was so kind, humble, you could tell he never got used to the lime light. he was someone who wrote lyrics like “man, i only wish i could translate my thoughts as well as he does”.

Name any musical influence(s)?
beatles (duh , who hasn’t been influenced by these guys)
the shins ( i love the way the create a vintage sound in an almost entirely digital world, they are a huge influence on us)
velvet underground (well melanie kinda play the part of mo tucker, she’s a chick drummer and she would kill me if i didn’t mention them)
t-rex (marc bolan has a beautiful way of translating himself through his voice and his guitar, i might say t- rex was one of the only bands i studied intencely when creating our sound)

What new music are you currently listening to?
silversun pickups- this band is absolutly amazing! long live the grunge movement!
band of horses – again, there is not one thing i don’t like about this band, raw power! listen to there demo songs, they’re definitly my favorite recordings by them. I love to hear those songs exactly as they were written.
death cab for cutie- fuck, i love these guys! ben gibbard has the sweetest voice does’nt he? although they’re not really new.
dignan- they are this amazing band from McAllen, TX. actually melanie and i are releasing thier new e.p. on our label bearded beauty. this band is really in tune with eachother. less like a band and more like a unit. they’re like pedro the lion meets radiohead. very exciting!

Name a band (current or defunct) that would be your dream act to open for on a major tour?
Modest Mouse! i absolutely love issac brock, i adore him. he might just be my favorite lyricist ever!! I can not think of a band i have loved longer then this band. yeah, modest mouse definitly.

Who, if anyone, would you like to collaborate with?
John lennon, actually i don’t know if there would even be a collaboration… i would just let him rule me. you are a god john (bowing).

Tell us something about you that we can’t find on Google.
we’re all raging alcoholics.. HA HA