When I heard that Dirtnap Records planned to reissue The Exploding Hearts album Guitar Romantic on vinyl (as well as a 16 song compilation called Shattered, which will compile the bands singles, demos, alt takes from the Guitar Romantic sessions, and unreleased material), I felt obligated to spread the news.

If you’re not familiar with The Exploding Hearts and enjoy power pop/punk done properly, I strongly suggest picking up a copy of Guitar Romantic. This isn’t a garden variety band from the States influenced by Green Day. These boys had looked across the pond more than once and digested their fair share of classics before picking up instruments and calling themselves a band.

If I were to create a recipe card for what a good band should sound like, the results would be very similar to The Exploding Hearts: 1 part Clash, 2 parts The Jam, 1 part Undertones, 1 part Ramones, 1 part Buzzcocks…you get the picture. Good stuff!

Guitar Romantic was being praised by many critics as the best album of 2002. Major labels smelled blood in the water. The sky was the limit for this lot until tragedy struck…

The vinyl reissue and Shattered release date is October 31.

– Kip Gasparick