Oppenheimer’s first full-length self-titled album is as earnest and straightforward as one could expect from a band whose first album is a self-titled one. The Belfast duo gives the listener the same infectious and catchy music that brings to mind the sounds of Manplanet or Grandaddy, distilled into sugar-loaded gumballs of synth-pop joy. If the vanilla-chocolate-strawberry coloured CD art is any indication, this neopolitan flavoured band brings together their influences with no pretense.

Did I mention that it’s catchy? I was drumming on my knees for the entire duration of my first listen. If androids devised the perfect stratagem for pop music, they’d put Oppenheimer in their equation. Swirling moog synthesizers and spot-on percussion dominate this album.

And their inner geeks shine through! The band’s logo, according to their Wikipedia page, is a direct reference to the Death Star in Star Wars. The album’s cover art features, amidst a swirling array of technological devices, an old-school Nintendo Gameboy. Needless to say, I was impressed.

If you want this year’s summer soundtrack a few months early so you can memorize the songs (which won’t take long, for sure), pick up Oppenheimer’s self-titled now.

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