I recently spent a year in Geelong Australia. While over there I was exposed to a lot of awesome Australian music some which you’d have had to had your head stuck in the sand to have missed it (think Wolfmother) but the majority of it isn’t known outside of Australia.

I thought I’d share some of the best with the readers of RockSellout. I’ll do it over several posts with each one focusing on a different artist.

Xavier Rudd

Xavier’s originally from Torquay, the world’s surfing headquarters and a mere 20 minutes drive from Geelong. He currently maintains residency in Canada (BC) and Australia, flipping back and forth between the two countries. In the folk tradition his lyrics explore spirituality, humanity, and stories from his homeland including the mistreatment of Aboriginal peoples. Despite the heavy subject matter of some songs, they also manage to celebrate life, leaving you elated.

Xavier’s a multi-instrumentalist and master of dynamics incorporating guitars, shakers, digeridoos, Weissenborn slide guitars, Tongue drums (I don’t even know what those are), stomp boxes, djembes, harmonica, ankle bells, and slide banjo. All of these instruments are played by Rudd, often more than one of them at the same time. In live shows he plays the didgeridoo at the same time as riffing along on his guitar. It’s absolutely fabulous.

If you don’t know what a didgeridoo sounds like, especially one so phenomenally played, Xavier’s the dood to check out. I’m currently spinning 2005’s To Let which includes the ultra cute Light the Shade, the djembe and didgeridoo groove Timber and Wood, and a wicked cover of The Wind Cries Mary. Xavier’s an artist not to be missed, whether in recorded or, even better, live format.

Website: Tour info & whatnot!
MySpace: Check out the track Let Me Be which features a soaring didgeridoo intro.