The latest in a long line of recent leaks is Maximo Park’s ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’. The album is due in stores April 2nd, so at the very least MP can take some comfort in the fact that the album stayed under wraps this long.

Maximo Park are a 5-piece that started out in Newcastle. Their first album, A Certain Trigger, was released in 2005 to considerable critical acclaim and was even nominated for a Mercury Prize. Like so many bands that year (Bloc Party, The Rakes, The Futureheads, White Rose Movement), the man behind the mixing desk was uber-producer Paul Epworth. The band have managed to retain the frenzied energy of their debut with OEP (produced by Gil Norton), and my guess is fans will be more than pleased with this effort.

1)”Girls Who Play Guitars”
2)”Our Velocity” [Video above]
3)”Books From Boxes”
4)”Russian Literature”
5)”Karaoke Plays”
6)”Your Urge”
7)”The Unshockable”
8)”By The Monument”
10)”A Fortnight’s Time”
11)”Sandblasted And Set Free”
12)”Parisian Skies”